Community Issues

I’ve been a life-long resident of Grass Valley. I love this community and want to serve the town that brings so much enjoyment to so many. I have the fortune of being able to work with a wide variety of community members on a daily basis, from grade school to retirement. By listening to the feedback from many community members, I know that there are many issues that we need to address as a community.

1. Creating a more competitive housing environment (for both buying a home and rental housing).

A lot of community members have expressed a need for additional local housing; both low-income and affordable single-family homes. Many others that work in the area, but aren’t ready to purchase a home… (continued)

2. Creating a safe business environment during COVID-19.

With the world gripped with COVID-19 concerns, the best way to move forward and help keep local businesses open is to make residents, tourists, and local employees feel safe. If we… (continued)

3. Managing the PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shut-offs (PSPS).

As of right now, the City of Grass Valley is working with PG&E to limit the number of customers that lose power during the PSPS events. By more carefully looking at PG&E’s grid, the city has been able to help… (continued)

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